We all want to make big millions of dollar, I want also, don’t think I am an angel that doesn’t care for that but there are some basic things we ought to know while we aim at this our goal o the so-called ambition. What I am about to say will be short and this is not a rebook but rather a piece of information that we really need to know or an admonition. I have seen a kid that told me something fascinating but more dangerous than being funny. She said I want to be rich in millions and I will have enough money to eat chocolates and candy. That sounded too childish but do you know adults like this exist, they always dream of enjoying all they missed when young.


Truly if we have money and can’t enjoy, to what end is that dollars that we stacked up? but have you ever considered eating a proper meal? Taking a balanced diet? And not just digging deep into some particular diets of food you missed when younger because of the poverty state of the family then. Your health is of high importance and how you respond to it say more about how you love yourself before loving others.


As I pointed out earlier, desiring a good health does not automatically means you need to swallow drugs constantly as some ignorantly think but rather taking of balanced diet, get a timetable of nutritious food that your body needs, follow the diet. Do you even know you don’t need to see a doctor before you live in a good health or pharmacist because there are many apps on google playstore and ios-store that covers all these needs, they explain all you ever need to eat, the propulsion of your cooking ingredients, the in take of fruits and water and all mineral that your body can ever request for and if you have some body anomaly these apps can provide some statistics of fruit to eat and when to eat them and the proper time for exercise and you will actually gain your health back.

I am always here to help you, I will provide the information while you act on them, I care for your heart, I love to see you living in health and all these can be done on your budget.