Monitor Your Electric Bill to Save Money and Promote Green Living

I belong to a fabulous church that has an “Earth Ministry.”

I know, some people are rolling their eyes. It’s a little too “crunchy,” or as one friend said “Wickity Wack,” which means “uncool” in the Urban Dictionary.

But, I think it’s important to realize the impact we have on our environment and resources. In addition, the reality is that living in a “green” manner often yields frugal results.  

Anyway, back to my church’s Earth Ministry. We have a great woman, Amy, who emails challenges that I really enjoy.

Her latest admonition:  Be conscious of your electric bills. Amy encourages us to note the amount of electricity we are using by examining the number of kilo-watt hours (kWhs) on the bill.

If you live in Milwaukee, you can set up, or log into, your account at We Energies.  It is possible to print out reports that go back a few years and create graphs.

I took a look at my report this month and I’m not happy. Each day this month, I used 4.21 kWhs as opposed to the 2.90 kWhs last year. This translated to a near addition of 20 cents a day. I have to examine why this is happening. The plant light? Computer usage? I’m definitely going to be tracking my electric bill monthly seriously.

I’m going to start acting a lot like one of my uncles, who was known for always turning off the light behind him. He was forever reminding me to turn off the “juice.”

Thank you, Amy and Uncle Mike for your words of wisdom.