DIY Projects for Home

You want to improve your home. However, you run into the problem of not having the budget for a large-scale renovation. You have a few skills and some tools. You have the time. Why not make those upgrades yourself?


If you can sew, why not make custom pillowcases and the like? There’s plenty of patterns out there, or you could choose a family monogram-like take on it. You can view more ideas at the link.


Buy polished chrome and install some hooks. If you’ve never had a towel hook in the kitchen, you’re missing out. Your hands are going to get filthy in the kitchen a lot of the time, so it’s good to have something there you can use to wipe with.


Want to add a nice, classic-feeling touch to your TV? Don’t use a wall mount, use an easel!


Yes, I’m suggesting using those things that artists mount their canvases on. A sturdy easel can handle the weight of a TV and doesn’t take up much room. You can even adjust the angle for optimal viewing. Best of all is that it doesn’t get in the way of any wires you want to hook up to the machine.


Do you need a home office? Check if you have a closet you’re not using.


Think about it. A closet will have platforms at various heights, making them great for storage. Add a chair and some light and you can have them take the place of a table. You can place anything you need in that storage area.


Depending on the heights involved, you might not need to adjust anything. Though you’ll definitely need to get rid of the door.


Change your light switch plate!


Don’t let it be that stale plastic thing the house came with. Add a touch of colour with wallpaper. Make it glow in the dark with luminescent stickers so it’s easier to find in the dark. Add a creative touch to it.


Do you have an old mirror you’re no longer using? If it’s not too big, you can use it as a tray. It’ll be classy and functional at the same time.


If you want something framed and colourful, you don’t need to spend money on artwork.


Old cloth or fabric can work just as well. If you have an old shirt that has a pattern or design you like, frame that and hang it. It’ll be decorative, it’ll speak about what you like, and it’ll be cheaper than artwork would be.


A quick way to update old shelves is to cover them in wallpaper. Another option is to place ribbons around the edges, giving it a splash of new life.


Cover a wall in wallpaper. There’s new patterns, designs, and materials now.


It’s a great, cost-effective way to improve a room. In fact, you can get away with not covering all the walls. Just cover the most visible, “front-and-centre” surface or the one you’ll end up seeing first thing in the morning if it’s a bedroom wall.